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Lunch With Bob Bandanas

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Yay! Time to play music live again. June 5, 2021, 5-8PM -  Old Bowie Town Grille. Let's Rock'N'Roll Damn It!


"THAT RAT ROCKS"....thats for sure....It all started when Ratso`s parents got him a drum set in 7th grade and it`s been non stop ever since. Ratso switched over to guitar after attending college in North Carolina . Bluegrass was on his horizon and he soon formed his first Bluegrass band  "The Lee Brothers Band And Show" and a show they were.

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Gantt began playing music at the tender age of 5, first on the Tonette (don't ask!), then piano, then guitar at age 12.  The Ventures were a huge early influence, Beatles and the British Invasion bands, then the Holy Quadrinity of Modern Rock Guitar - Clapton, Page, Beck and, of course, Jimi Hendrix...

Paul was born in Washington DC and has lived in this area his whole life. He started playing full time at the age of 18. He played in various bands until he joined the Northstar Band. That is where he met all of the people that now are in Lunch With Bob. Shortly after he joined the Northstar Band Jim  entered the band and not to long after that Gantt became a member of the Band. Ratso was always associated with the band one way or the other. 


Jim moved to the DC area after returning from Vietnam.

Jim started playing in the band Newington Station. Joined the North Star Band and recorded "Tonight The North Star Band" with Paul and Gantt. Ratso became an honorary member.